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Indrajit Chowdhury, Co-Founder, CTO, POWERSTORES

Author: Business Law Chamber |

What I really like about Gaurav, is his responsiveness and advice. You will find lots of lawyers that can do the mechanics of a term sheet and contract work. What you won't find is a lawyer who can think 2-3 steps ahead, who can help with negotiating advice, can give good counsel and most importantly is passionate about helping startups. It's really important that you can talk to the partner in a deal and not a flunky. With a larger law firm you are generally stuck with the associates and it's really the counsel of the partners that is most important especially when making low data high risk decisions which is what we do a lot. Finally it's important to get a deal lawyer because lawyers can often be overly pessimistic with the what-ifs and why-fors which can kill a deal. A deal lawyer will protect you enough while still pushing the deal through, which is a delicate balancing act.