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Although touted to be still in its nascent stage, Metaverse is coming to reality at a fast and steady pace. With the growing hype around this ‘extension’ of the real world, it is worth understanding what it is all about.

Metaverse as a concept integrates various aspects of the digital world and the evolving Web 3.0 (the third generation of the evolution of web technologies). Some of the important key considerations for Metaverse includes blockchain, smart contracts, cryptocurrency and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These terminologies, in themselves, are very broad concepts and the integration of these in the Metaverse, makes it even more intriguing, attracting a huge number of user base from around the world.

With so many people getting involved with the Metaverse, it is very important to regulate this virtual world and address some key issues such as the validity of smart contracts, laws in Metaverse, implication of tax in Metaverse and many more.

Our e-book on Metaverse and Smart Contracts: Challenges and Key Considerations covers the above concepts; draws an analysis of the challenges; and the key considerations that must be undertaken by the users, stakeholders and the Government.