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Start-up Advisory

We are one stop shop for all the startup enthusiast, emerging companies, angel investors and family offices looking to set up businesses or expand their businesses in India. We offer incorporation and registration of company with minimum legal disturbance. 

Choice of Entity  
We help our clients decide between the choices of an entity, they want to start-up with, considering their needs, requirements, and purpose of business plan. They can choose between setting up a limited liability company, limited liability partnership (LLP), partnership and proprietorship etc. We also offer assistance in the appointment of directors, the requirement of registered office and other statutory and on-going compliances. 

Drafting – contracts and internal policies
Contracts related to the operation of contracts and putting the standard forms for the day to day operations of the company.

Intellectual Property Management etc.
Protect your intellectual property rights at the very start-up of your business. We guide you through the procedures to be followed to secure your Intellectual property most conveniently and affordably.

Obtaining registrations, licenses, and approvals needed at the time of establishing a business in India.

Employee relations
Compliance with the laws, rules, policies & practices, associated with the employee and labour laws. This includes drafting and implementing HR policies, payroll activities, written agreements, employee unions, appointment and layoff of employees, and other labour and employment laws.

​On-going  legal assistance and regular compliances

  1. Secretarial Services
  2. Payroll Reserves (web-based)
  3. Regulatory Compliances
  4. Preparing Statutory accounts

Our Expertise include: Corporate & Commercial Law | Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions | Intellectual Property Rights | Taxation Law | Capital Markets & Securities | Start-up Advisory | Banking & Finance | Business Infrastructure | Labour & Employment | Renewable Energy & Environmental Laws | Litigation & Arbitration

We mainly represent clients from USA, Australia, Japan, Korea, China, Canada and UK. Currently, we are located in Delhi NCR, and Kolkata.

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