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Intellectual Property Rights

Business Law Chamber helps clients protect valuable rights to intellectual property in everything from technological innovations to works of art. We have extensive and successful experience representing plaintiffs and defendants in a full range of high-stakes, high-profile lawsuits involving patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and other intellectual property.

Multi-disciplinary expertise (ranging across different fields like law, science, and engineering) and skills (including drafting and formulating the best Intellectual Property strategy) are necessary to obtain and protect intellectual property rights and maximize the value derived from them. A patent agent, a litigator or technical advisor should necessarily have an Intellectual Property-focussed approach in understanding and executing his responsibilities.

We provide legal advice on diverse nature of agreements dealing with use, supply, licensing and maintenance of computer services and/or facilities, software licensing, technology transfers, franchise agreements, technical services and other related services.] Services provided by us include opining on patentability, patenting, filing, prosecution, pre and post grant opposition, freedom-to-operate, due diligence, patent watch, evolving effective patent strategy, trademark registration and protection, anti-trust, plant variety protection (PVP) and licensing of copyright to name a few.

We assist our clients in registration & opposition proceedings; investigations, verifications and identification of intellectual property- violations; enforcement of intellectual property rights; infringement & passing-off actions; confidential information protection; licensing of intellectual property and intellectual property litigation.

​Given the track-record of high-profile patent litigation, IPR issues seem to primarily revolve around pharmaceuticals, engineering or automobile industries. In reality, intellectual property impacts industries and people across all verticals. Additionally, adequate importance needs to be paid to the proper management of rights in trademarks, copyright and design protection. Our multi-faceted team has won international acclaim for their expertise in IPR, and can advise a company through all aspects of protecting their rights.

Core Services offered by Business Law Chamber
  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights 
  • Designs
  • Plant Variety Protection
  • Regulatory
  • Geographical Indications

Our Expertise include: Corporate & Commercial Law | Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions | Intellectual Property Rights | Taxation Law | Capital Markets & Securities | Start-up Advisory | Banking & Finance | Business Infrastructure | Labour & Employment | Renewable Energy & Environmental Laws | Litigation & Arbitration

We mainly represent clients from USA, Australia, Japan, Korea, China, Canada and UK. Currently, we are located in Delhi NCR, and Kolkata.

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