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Renewable Energy & Environmental Laws

Energy and natural resources companies are not just key drivers of the global economy — they are also highly sensitive to changes in global demand, economic and manufacturing trends, conflicting support for traditional, alternative, and renewable sources of energy, and a constantly evolving framework of local, national, and international environmental laws.

We help clients find and follow a clear path toward business success. We understand the challenges energy and natural resources companies face from regulators, law enforcement agencies, municipalities, citizens groups, and private individuals, and work with clients to achieve an effective balance between the needs of industry, the environment, and end users.

​We advise clients on the full range of energy and natural resources matters, including complex energy transactions, regulatory compliance, dispute resolution, and government relations, as well as compliance with corporate, securities, labor and employment, health and safety, intellectual property, and other laws and regulations. 

Core Services offered by Business Law Chamber
  • Solar energy – R&D Projects, roof top-grid connect
  • Hydro power (including small hydro power (SHP) projects)
  • Biomass power
  • Advisory
  • Tribunal representations

Our Expertise include: Corporate & Commercial Law | Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions | Intellectual Property Rights | Taxation Law | Capital Markets & Securities | Start-up Advisory | Banking & Finance | Business Infrastructure | Labour & Employment | Renewable Energy & Environmental Laws | Litigation & Arbitration

We mainly represent clients from USA, Australia, Japan, Korea, China, Canada and UK. Currently, we are located in Delhi NCR, and Kolkata.

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